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Lounge Clothes

March 3, 2011

While it is only Thursday I am dreaming of when 5:30 on Friday rolls around and the weekend can begin.  While I do love putting on a great pair of heels and a silky blouse, that clothing combination doesn’t really scream “relaxation” which is the motto of my weekends.  I like to throw on a pair of jeans, that don’t require me to suck in, in all the right places, a comfortable pair of shoes, and warm sweater that reminds me of being wrapped in a blanket.  The outfit will probably also require a light scarf until the weather really starts to warm up, and a great pair of sunnies. 

The one item from this outfit below that I really can’t wait to purchase (again) is the pair of Tom’s canvas shoes.  I had a pair, HAD being the operative word, which were destroyed in the “my puppy is a chewing maniac” phase of my life.  I am really loving the olive-green color and think I will have to try these out this time around.


 1. 7 for All Mankind, Dojo Trouser $155

2. A.P.C, Linen Pullover $265

3. Miss Selfridges, Floral Scarf $28

4. Toms, Canvas Classics $44

5. Ray- Ban, Aviator Sunglasses $139

6. House of Harlow, Feather Row Ring $32

I don’t think anyone should sacrifice being fashionable for comfort and when combining all of these items you can achieve both!


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  1. cait4peace permalink
    March 11, 2011 10:39 AM

    Thank you so much for this amazing post! While I too enjoy getting dolled up for a day at the office by the time I get home on Friday nights I’m desperate for some fashion relaxation.

    The outfit you pulled together is perfection (I may have to buy that House of Harlow ring today!) I am so glad I found your blog! Thank you for showing that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort!

    Have a great weekend
    – Caitlin of

  2. March 11, 2011 3:04 PM

    Love the whole olive green/tan colors…so earthy and chic!


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