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My Heart Belongs In NYC

December 22, 2010
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Weekend Wear NYC Style

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Today I make my way back to NY for the holidays.  I cannot tell you how excited I am.  You really start to appreciate all the small things about the house you grew up in once you are “on your own.”   My favorite part about my parents house during the holidays is the smell of amazing food and desserts coming from the kitchen, and the constant Christmas music playing (even in the bathroom…seriously there is no getting away from it), and the holiday tradition of my dad setting up his Christmas village under the tree on X-Mas eve (I will be sure to pass this tradition down to my kids one day). 

No matter how many times I make the same trip back home, the packing doesn’t get any easier.  Packing in general for me is always tough because I never know what to bring.  What if it rains? Or snows? Or what if it’s unseasonably hot?  Anyway, I try to remember that less is more in NY.  The look is always classic, and tailored.  Lots of blacks and greys, and other muted colors.  The best part is that I can actually wear heels at home (seriously no one in D.C wears heels!).  While my suitcase is probably packed with a lot of things I won’t wear, I can promise you I definitely packed some cozy knits, my skinny jeans, a few key accessories, and some great heels.


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