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Items Of The Week: What I Am Swooning Over

December 21, 2010

Basically when I get something in my head, there is no talking me out of it.  I probably get that from my mom…and my dad.  Every month or so I usually have a list of items that if I could buy I would. But being on a limited budget  I usually indulge in just one piece.  While some may think I am throwing my money away on monetary items, I will say to them, “who needs to eat?”  When my mom was my age, her vice was shoes (I really wish she kept her shoe colletion…and her clothes for that matter), and mine is shoes…clothes…jewlery…oh, did I mention bags?  This month’s list contains items that I have been lusting over not only for a month, but for quite some time now.  While this may seem like a bizarre mish-mash of clothing items, I love having diverse pieces in my wardrobe.  The shorts seem so classic and I could wear them with tights in the winter, and without in the warmer months, the poncho, well it’s a poncho and it fits right in with my 70’s craze right now, and the faux fur stole I have been coveting since this post here.  I will let you know if any of these pieces end up in my closet in the near future!

1. Queen’s Wardrobe  Shorts $72.00

2. Dolce Vita Tammy Cardigan $154 (Sale)

3. Quail Shop Chain Florette Stole $83.30 (Sale)










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