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Items Of The Week: My Things

November 16, 2010

So usually my Items Of The Week posts have to do with things I don’t have that I am lusting over.  This week as I was looking through some of my wintry things I remembered why fall and winter are my favorite seasons…the wardrobe is have is better.  I have two winter items that I love, and wish I could wear all year round.  While if I styled them right I probably could, these two things just scream winter chic.  The first is my YSL bag that I got while I was in Milan  a few years ago.  I love this bag, and something about the chocolate leather and gold hardware that make it perfect for winter.  It’s nothing crazy, but it’s simply just a great all-purpose bag.

Second, is a Bird, by Juicy Couture blazer I got last year for my birthday.  The textured fabric and satin lapel mix posh glamour with punk style.  Big shoulder pads and all, it is the right complement to jeans and boots or over a dress with tights and heels (no matter how much my boyfriend hates it!).

If you want to try a textured statement blazer try a leather one like this, and here’s another option for that all-purpose brown leather bag.

I’d love to hear what your favorite clothing items are.


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