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Items Of The Week: Dark Days

October 29, 2010

I don’t know if it is because the weather is getting colder, or because I never tend to wear anything with much color, but I am loving all things black these days.  I guess it is just in time for Halloween too!  Personally, I think it’s easy to wear black.  You don’t have to think about matching colors or coordinating items of clothing.  Even throwing on a black pair of leggings and a cotton black tee can make you  scream sophistication with the right embellishments.  My current obsession is a black jumpsuit I saw at Zara.  With the right accessories I think this could become a staple in my wardrobe.

1. Jump Suit With Big Pockets, Zara $59.90

2. Twisted Scarf Necklace, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels $395.00

3. The Workwear Biker Boot, Madewell $230.00

4.  Gunmetal Bracelet, Issy Salomon $49.99

5.  Interwoven Chain Tote, Deux Lux $68.00

Happy Halloween weekend everyone!


PS- find the Gunmetal Bracelet on this post at Fashion Stake.  Enter LuxListBlog15 on checkout and get $15 off until November 5th!

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