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Items Of The Week: Fashionable Friends

September 28, 2010

I feel like I have been slacking since my last post was about a week ago. But truthfully I am trying to get my life together, both at home and work, before I leave for Italy on Saturday!  This week I decided to ask some of my friends what they have been lusting over recently.  This is what they came up with 🙂


My friend Amanda is what I like to describe as “Casually Cool.”  She take all of 20 minutes to get ready (which I love!) and never fusses with what she wears.  Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt, or something a little more glam, she always  looks better, and more put together than girls who take five times the amount of time to get ready.  From her boot choice, to the Kids’ Ray Ban sunglasses (she is petit and recommends that sometimes kids works better!), these picks represent her style and personality perfectly.

1. Nine West Tierney Boot $169

 2. Ray Ban for Kids! $69

3. Jose Eber Pro Series Titanium Flat Iron $79.99

4.  JPK Bucket Nylon Bag  $165

Jess and my styles are complete polar opposites!  She love bright colors and I well…don’t.  However, I always thinks she looks fashionably fabulous.  As you can see from her elephant necklace to her Channel purse her styles encompasses a wide variety of one of a kind treasures and classic pieces.

1. Ferns Flying Pig Cocktail Ring  $257.25

2. Channel Purse Price Upon Request

3. Steve Madden Trackks $62.99

4. Badgley Mischka Rent The Runway Gown $100 to rent

5. Channel Lipstick in Rouge Coco $30

6. Factory Enamel Critter Charm Necklace $17

When I asked Mollie to help me out with this, I could have bet my life she would have picked a pair of boots!  Her style is only what I can describe as “bohemian-esque” and no matter what she throws on she always looks effortlessly comfortable.  She can walk into a store and pick out pieces that I would never dream of trying and incorporate them into her wardrobe flawlessly.

Jessica Simpson Katyia Boot $169

Let me know if you want to submit your picks for an upcoming post!


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  1. September 28, 2010 1:03 PM

    LOVE THIS! Thanks for including me! I didn’t know that everyone else was going to send several things so I’ll make sure to do that for next week 🙂

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