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New York State Of Mind

July 26, 2010

I just got back from a wonderful weekend in the Hamptons with 17 of my closest friends!  My parents were kind enough to let 17 20-somethings take over their house for the weekend.  It was perfect timing as we are all saying goodbye to some of our nearest and dearest pals.  Two will be moving out to St. Louis, and one to Boston for law school.  And some are just moving on.  It was also a bit of a reunion weekend as I got to see one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  She has lived in New Mexico for the last couple of years, and unfortunately our visits are few and far between.

Every time I head back home a little part of me always wants to stay.  It’s sad leaving, but for now I know that DC is where I want to be.  I thought I’d write today about a few different kinds of fashion that can be found in NY.  I will be taking inspiration from three of my favorite places where I have had the privilege to spend my time. 

One: Nassau County/North Shore Long Island 

I must say growing up on Long Island was pretty fabulous.  You had the beach and the city at your fingertips, never traveling too long for either.  I grew up in a town on the North Shore of Long Island in Nassau County, where lacrosse was our football, and JCrew was the go to boutique.  The style was preppy and we were proud of it.  Here are some fashion items that remind me of home. 

Perfect Fit Tee- $22.50 & Herringbone Bell Skirt- $79.50

Cotton-silk faille Leighton Dress- $250

Creat Your Own Polo, Ralph Lauren- $79.50

Sequin Bow Ballet Flats $188.00

Two: New York City 

As I entered my teen years and into my 20’s NYC was my playground.  I love the City, and all it has to offer.  Each section, from Alphabet City to the Upper East Side, has a distinct look and feel.  I see New Yorkers and some of the trendiest, and fashion forward individuals.  They are never afraid to experiment, and always seem comfortable in their own skin.  

A.L.C Glen Plaid Jacket $598

Cut 25, Doubleknit Kimono Cape $385

RED Valentino, Tulle Bow Tee $165

Current/Elliot- Patsie Skinny Sailor Jeans $228


Three:  The Hamptons 

When you go “out east” as we like to call it, it’s like you have gone to a luxurious oasis.  The people are tan and toned, and never afraid to flaunt their trendiest clothing items.  They grab coffee at the Golden Pear, and eat dinner at East Hampton Point.  The color of choice is always white and the fabric is linen.  Flowy maxi dresses, and ran bans can be seen in every village.  The pieces from the store Calypso are the epitome of Hamptons chic. 

Lupe Cardie- $250Dale Shirt- $125

Tie Dye Dress- $295

Dale Shirt- $125

I like to think that I have a nice combination of all three of these styles in my wardrobe.  Through my fashion choices I can take a little piece of each place with me everywhere I go.



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