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Gemma Redux

July 21, 2010

Gemma Redux is the brain child of jewelry designer Rachael Dooley.  A former lawyer, and one time hobby jewelery maker, she decided to put her creative juices to the test when she was  studying for the New York Bar Exam, and became a jewelry designer full-time.   Her designs are a combination of vintage flare with a new age twist (right up my alley).  From her chunky necklaces to her feather earrings, you can be sure that wearing a piece of her jewelry will make a bold statement and bring out your inner rocker.


Her necklaces are out of control! They are by far my favorite from her collection.  A bold chunky necklace can glam up even the dullest of white t-shirts.  Pair that with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats, or heels and you have a perfect casual outfit.   Here are some of the necklaces, bracelets an earrings that  I love.


Carolyn Necklace

Beth Necklace

Cleo Necklace


Coleen Bracelet

Jac Bracelet

Cas Bracelet


Tessa Earring

Liz Earring

Karolina Earring

To see the complete Gemma Redux collection visit  Happy Hump Day to everyone, and I hope the rest of the week flies by!


UPDATE! Gemma Redux is having a sample sale on their website today (July 21) starting at 6 pm!  Enjoy!

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