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Girl’s Best Friend

July 3, 2010

I know my recent posts have been about accessories.  But I am getting ready to take my dog Jackson to meet a guy on a farm that says he can train any dog.  He comes highly recommended and has worked with many dogs to help with their “issues.”  I am just brining Jackson there today to be evaluated, but eventually he may have to go and stay for a month.  I am fondly referring to it as “summer camp.”  So needless to say I have had dog on my mind all morning.  That being said I wanted to bring to my reader’s attention to this awesome jewelry maker that has stores in both Southampton, NY and New York City.  Her name is Jill Lynn, and in her stores and on her website ( she has some beautiful jewelry, diamonds and watches.  Jill Lynn is also the maker of the “Man’s Best Friend Collection”, which is a collection of dog bone jewelry for dog lovers.  Now you may be saying, “this girl is dog crazy!” but seriously, when my parents told me they purchased me a dog bone necklace engraved with the name Jackson, I really thought I would never wear it.  To my surprise it is really cute and delicate and a great accessory.  The dog bones come in a variety of metals and can even be blinged up with diamonds and birthstones.   Not surprisingly, or maybe surprisingly, Jill Lynn can’t keep them on the shelves.

"Best Friend" Necklace in Sterling Silver

"Best Friend" Necklace Engraved with Diamonds or Birthstones

She also makes these really cute paw print disc necklaces that can be iced out in diamonds.

Diamond Paw Disc

So wish me luck today that hopefully my puppy can be fixed of his anxiety issues.  He may have to stay for as long as a month, but at least with my dog bone necklace while Jacks is at summer camp he can still be close to my heart!  Look out for Monday’s post where I will start my “Lux Item of the Week.”


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