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Style Time: All About Watches

July 1, 2010

Okay so I lied.  I said I’d be back with another post next week.  But I figure now is as good a time as any to jump in to this whole blogging thing.  So I thought I’d start off my first (real) post about a little accessory that I find to be a style staple: watches.  In my opinion I think that a timepiece is something to invest in.  I’m not talking about the watch you wear to the public pool, or to the gym to sweat on.  I’m talking about a watch that is versatile and something you could wear to work and on the weekends.  A watch that you will still have when you are old and grey.

I get my watch obsession from my father.  He has spent many years growing his beautiful watch collection, which now probably costs as much as it would to put a down payment on a  townhouse in D.C.   I received my first “grown-up” watch upon graduating from high school.  I insisted I wanted a man’s watch (still love the oversized watches for women trend), and after shopping with my dad for a while settled on a Tag Heuer mens silver watch with a black leather strap.  The newest addition to my own little watch collection is a Cartier Tank watch that was a christmas present from none other than daddy dearest.  After returning a piece of jewelry that he a purchased me (It was a beautiful tennis bracelet,I’m not ungrateful it’s just he had purchased me the same gift for my college graduation….come on dad you need to remember these things!) I decided I wanted to exchange it for a classic watch.  Up until now I had only worn oversized, bulky watches.  I thought I should go for something on the classy side.  I settled on the classic Cartier Tank design from the  Tank Americaine series, in gold with a brown strap.  Now let me tell you, I LOVE THIS WATCH!  It will never go out of style (as much as it pains me to say, I’m sure the oversized watch trend will), and sends the message that the wearer is sleek and sophisticated with classic style.

Cartier Tank Watch, Tank Americaine Series

Now before any novice or seasoned fashionistas say, “Is she kidding me I am not buying a Cartier watch!” calm down.  I have read your minds and come up with more wallet friendly alternative.

Meet the Coach watch of your dreams:

Coach Lexington Elongated Strap Watch

For all of you out there that are a but more fashion forward in your decision-making, and you are more rock ‘n’ roll than Susie Homemaker, my current obsession is an all black ceramic watch.  My favorite affordable watch maker of the moment is none other than Michael Kors.  He makes some great fun, funky and fabulous watches.   Here are two watches that meets my  black ceramic (or plastic) criteria:

Micahel Kors Oversize Acrylic Watch $195

Michael Kors Black Midsize Ceramic Watch with Glitz $495

Hopefully reading this hasn’t been a painful experience.  Maybe you have even decided that I will become your go-to fashion advisor.  I will be continuing to search out new exciting ideas for my blog.

More coming soon!


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