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Lounge Clothes

March 3, 2011

While it is only Thursday I am dreaming of when 5:30 on Friday rolls around and the weekend can begin.  While I do love putting on a great pair of heels and a silky blouse, that clothing combination doesn’t really scream “relaxation” which is the motto of my weekends.  I like to throw on a pair of jeans, that don’t require me to suck in, in all the right places, a comfortable pair of shoes, and warm sweater that reminds me of being wrapped in a blanket.  The outfit will probably also require a light scarf until the weather really starts to warm up, and a great pair of sunnies. 

The one item from this outfit below that I really can’t wait to purchase (again) is the pair of Tom’s canvas shoes.  I had a pair, HAD being the operative word, which were destroyed in the “my puppy is a chewing maniac” phase of my life.  I am really loving the olive-green color and think I will have to try these out this time around.


 1. 7 for All Mankind, Dojo Trouser $155

2. A.P.C, Linen Pullover $265

3. Miss Selfridges, Floral Scarf $28

4. Toms, Canvas Classics $44

5. Ray- Ban, Aviator Sunglasses $139

6. House of Harlow, Feather Row Ring $32

I don’t think anyone should sacrifice being fashionable for comfort and when combining all of these items you can achieve both!



Jewel Craze {JewelMint}

March 1, 2011

I am constantly looking around for affordable pieces of jewelry.  While I do have a few pieces that are timeless classics, the rest of my jewelry box is filled with costume jewelry that I can play around with.  Keeping with that philosophy I was so excited when I came across this site called JewelMint.  Created by actress and style icon Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter you can sign up to be on their mailing list.  After a few initial questions about your style, you receive monthly recommendations for jewelry options.  The best part of it is all the jewelry is less than $30!  Seriously, where can you get even a decent piece of costume jewelry for $30?  

I am currently deciding over the three pieces below… I will let you know if any of them end up in my jewelry box!















Trend Alert {Colorblocking}

February 23, 2011

While I am most of the time not a fan of vibrant colors I concede to making a statement with my shoes.  Shoes are a great way to make the outfit just pop, and  using coloblocking on your feet is a stylish way to incorporate this Spring trend into your wardrobe.  Whether you are someone who loves your heels, or is more kind to your toes and opts for flats there are options for everyone.  I am currently coveting these heels from Zara.  Now if only the snow would stop and Spring would get here already!

1. Zara, Two Toned Wide Heel Sandal $149.00

2. Zara, Wide Heeled Satin Sandal $109.00

3. Nine West, Stylin Sandal $89.00

4. Tory Burch, Caroline Ballet Flats $225.00

5. Cole Haan, Air Oliva Ballet Flats $228.00

6. Coach, Tyler Flat $138.00




Store Obsession

February 17, 2011

I get into moods where I love all the clothing from one particular store.  Right now I am loving everything from Zara.  Their new spring collection has some great pieces that can be used for the awkward transition time between winter and spring where you don’t know if you should layer up or down.  Their pieces are great for date night or a day at the office (sadly much of my shopping now is based around “how can I wear this to work and on the weekends?”).   I recently took a trip to a Zara near me and pretty much wanted to buy out the whole store.  I settled for pieces like this, this and this.  Right now I can’t wait to go back and ge the colorblock strappy sandals, and this light coat with leather sleeves.

Here are some of the other items I left behind, but can’t wait until I can  to add them to my wardrobe!

Check out Zara online to see what other amazing (and fashionable) items they have!

Bottoms Up

February 14, 2011
Spring Transition

Set Created on Polyvore

This week D.C is supposed to have somewhat of a “heat wave” reaching a high of 60 degrees today and maybe again on Thursday.  With this pleasantly comfortable whether right around the corner I have found myself patiently waiting for springtime.  I want to be able to step outside in a light jacket or sweater and cute peep toe shoes without worrying if my toes will freeze off.  If I am lucky March will both go in and come out like a lamb, and we can skip that lion business all together.

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I have to say I am fully and utterly in love with the bell bottom and it’s return to the fashion stage.  I have tried on a few pairs during various shopping trips, but I haven’t found my bell bottom soul mate just yet.  When I do I’ll let you know.  In the meantime I have an amazing pair of tan wedge shoes that I just dying to be paired with the perfect pair.  Another one of my spring must haves is a white boyfriend blazer.  Currently I have my heart set on this blazer from Zara.

What items top your spring wish list?

To see the items from my set created on Polyvore,and some of my other sets click here!




Seeing Red

February 2, 2011
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My apologies for being an awful blogger lately.  Life and work have been super busy, and I have found little time to find a new fashion trend that inspires me.  Luckily this past weekend I took a much-needed shopping trip with one of my favorite girls Jess.  As a result I am currently lusting and swooning over all things red.  I find this kind of odd since I am always one to stay away from vibrant colors, but regardless I am fully embracing red .  This craze was only intensified by an article found on Refinery29 yesterday talking about jean trends for spring.   The first trend was a pair of Current/Elliot red jeans….OBSESSED.  In my new hunt to find red clothes and accessories, I think one of my first purchases will be a blazer from Zara (along with a cute leather mini that I have been eyeing for a few weeks).

Here are a few other red items, that I think belong in my closet now:

1. Red Blazer, Zara $99.90

2 Jungle Red Lipstick, NARS $24.00

3. Red Pumps, Vince Camuto $118.00

4. Red Stiletto Jeans, Current/Elliot (available in March)

5. Teardrop Earrings, Marlyn Schiff $38.00

6. Mini Pant, JCrew $98.00

I guess this new obsession is just in time for Valentines day.


The “It” Accessory From Charm & Chain

January 19, 2011

I’ve been reading a lot that this spring everyone will be replacing those statement necklaces with statement earrings.  I have to say that I am usually not a fan of earrings (I think I wear my diamond studs about 95% of the time, and the other 5% I don’t wear earrings at all).  But, after reading and seeing this trend in action, I’ve decided that I am going to fully embrace this look moving forward.  I decided to search around on my “go to” site for statement jewelry Charm & Chain.  They have the best variety of styles, and prices all in one place.  Every time I am on their website I have stop myself from buying every piece of jewelry I see.

I might be taking baby steps, starting with some killer studs and then moving to the more elaborate options, but I will embrace this trend a part of my wardrobe this spring.

1.  Glow Button Earrings, Dori Csengeri

2.  Jaguar Post Earrings, Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

3. Crystal Studs, Ben-Amun

4. Vintage Earrings, Charm & Chain Vintage Collection

5.  Teardrop Earrings, Marlyn Schiff

6. Mary Goodnight Earrings, LuLu Frost

7. Meave Earrings Stratus, Kendra Scott

8.  Black Drop Chandeliers, Marlyn Schiff

9. Art Deco Earrings, LuLu Frost